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About YouRocket

(even more is covered in our FAQ section)


YouRocket is a brand new site designed and built completely by indie musicians FOR indie musicians. The idea is to put the full power of marketing independent music in the hands of the people who make it – You.


There are no fees to join, post or sell your indie music. We don’t want fellow musicians to come out of pocket for anything. We’d like to build this site’s future based on ad sales alone.


Likewise – instead of taking a cut every time one of your mp3s sells on our site (like everyone else does) we actually PAY the credit card company to process your transaction.


You literally get every penny of every sale…
(in other words - when one of your songs sells for 89 cents YOU GET 89 cents)


Not only that – we know that whatever money you DO make from digital sales is important to you. We don’t want you to have to wait until you sell a hundred dollars worth of mp3s before you get paid. We also don’t want you waiting on old fashion ‘paper checks’ like some of the other sales sites make you do.


On YouRocket– simply use your own, personal PayPal account to get paid digitally for whatever sales you make. We auto-pay all artists nightly at midnight U.S. Central time so your previous day's profits are in your hands by the time you are drinking your morning coffee.


We’re not backed by some billion dollar corporate giant so we know our site is not the fanciest, glossiest thing you’ve ever seen. But it is OUR site – yours and mine – to use freely and how we see fit! No Record Industry bean counter will tell us what to do here.


Because this site is 100 percent indie run please bear with us as we start small with a basic set of features. With your support and word of mouth we will grow and add functions and abilities that will make this the one place to show and find the world’s best independent music.


Here are a few other reasons to use YouRocket:


- We offer full databasing of your original mp3s, Albums, music collections and videos. They are searchable by keyword tags, user names, band names and even song lyrics.

- We have a built-in mp3 ‘cutter’ to generate 45 second previews of your songs so that your full length mp3s can never be pirated from our site using streaming download software. The preview will begin on the exact second you specify when you upload the song.


- We don’t just fill the homepage with bands and artists that WE want to promote. The main mp3 preview slots are COMPLETELY randomly displayed. Everyone who joins has an equal chance of getting their music on the YouRocket homepage every day.


- We offer Secure Credit Card storage and transactions. Using our own FAST BUY process your fans (and you) can buy any mp3 with just two mouse clicks (one click to ‘buy’ and the second click to ‘confirm’ the purchase just to make sure).


- Users can instantly buy entire albums (collections) of mp3s with just a couple of clicks. Full albums are downloaded as standard ZIP files to keep all the mp3 files separate.


- We offer FREE and real-time reporting of all of your mp3 sales to SoundScan so that your Billboard Rankings can be accurately tracked.


- We offer FREE and instant ISRC registration codes for any song you upload. Just check the ISRC request box when you upload an mp3 and the code will be issued right away. No more paper forms sent in and waiting weeks to get your codes.


- Build and maintain your own ‘user profile’ page that showcases all of your albums, songs, posted videos, comments, favorited items etc. You can log in at any time to edit, add to or delete any item you’ve ever uploaded.


- We offer TWO FREE mp3 downloads every time users refresh the homepage. This alone will give the buying public reason to visit our site. Any time one of your songs is offered for FREE the world will listen – if they like what they hear they will want to hear more from you.


- Post music related videos DIRECTLY on our site. Instead of slaving to YouTube these videos are actually on the YouRocket server. This gives indie users a great deal more content creativity and less 'big brother' like interference as found on some other popular websites.


- We supply direct ‘embed’ HTML code for all of your songs and videos on our site. This way you can easily paste a flash player on your own website(s) that will link directly back to your song or video on YouRocket. This puts more marketing and sales potential in your hands.


- We have a full 5 Star Rating system AND a comprehensive comment system for songs, albums and videos.


- Send instant BLAST messages out to anyone who has subscribed to your user profile. Let your fans know about your latest release, your upcoming gigs and any new songs or videos you post on the site.


- We do not judge your music before allowing it on YouRocket. Anyone can post any music that they have the legal right to. As for ‘immoral’ content we let you, the world public freely decide what is and is not appropriate for our site.


(even more is covered in our FAQ section)