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Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased an mp3 or digital album but it did not download properly.  How do I get it?
You can download any mp3 or album you purchase up to three times within 30 days of the purchase.  Just Log-In and go to the MY ACCOUNT link on the red toolbar.  You will see the mp3s and albums you bought under ‘Previous Orders’.  You can download your missing music again there.


How do I convert my songs to MP3 file format?
One of the easiest ways to convert your songs to mp3s is by using Apple’s I-Tunes program.  Downloading and using it is free but each version is a bit different when it comes to converting to mp3s.  You should be able to search the web for tutorials on how to convert for each different version of I-Tunes.

Otherwise you might try some other free or pay-ware software available on the web.  Also, most digital recording software packs (ProTools, Logic etc) have plug-ins available for exporting your songs as mp3s.


One of my mp3s just sold but I don't see a PayPal payment yet.
Automatic, digital payouts occur at midnight U.S. Central Time on the day the song sold. Your payment will be in your PayPal account the following day.


Are there any costs to join YouRocket or to post or sell music?
No - none at all.  You can join, post, sell, comment and use all the YR services absolutely for FREE.


Since there are no fees – what’s the catch?
There is no catch... We want to let you use all of these services for free.  We will pay for the site’s operations by selling ad space on the site to music equipment companies and the like. 


This site is 100 percent indie created and run.  Because of this we ask that you not hold us to the capabilities of the multi-million dollar mega-sites.  We will add features and improvments as we can and we will always remain FREE.


At what price can I sell my mp3s?
At this time all mp3s will sell for 89 cents (U.S.) each - This is a bit cheaper than most song sales sites. The idea is to offer your fans a reason to buy your songs here rather than anywhere else. Since we pay you every penny of the 89 cents your profits should be greater on YouRocket than they would be if you sell your songs for 99 cents on other websites.


Am I required to store my Credit Card info on YouRocket?
No.  You can sell music without a credit card at all.  You can even buy music without storing your credit card info in our database.  However if you DO store your credit card in our secure database you can use our FASTBUY system of buying songs with just two clicks.


Do I need a PayPal Account?
Only to sell music.  You don’t need one if you are just a fan buying music.
If you want to sell music you need a PayPal account so that we can pay you your profits when your songs sell.  You can join YouRocket without a PayPal account – there is a link to create a PayPal account in our ‘Post an MP3’ section.


Which type of Paypal Account do I need if I want to sell music?
For most users we recommend a PayPal “Personal” Account.  This will let us pay you up to $500.00 per month without PayPal taking any fees from you.


What file types can I upload?
For songs only MP3s are acceptable.  For video – only .FLV (flash files) will work in our player.  For all of your album/song art we recommend JPEG type images.

At this time we do not have automatic file conversion software installed so you need to make sure your file types are correct before you try to upload them.


How often do artists get paid for their song sales?
Our custom made payout module automatically batch pays all artists at midnight U.S. Central Daylight Time. 


If you sell any songs on any given day your payout will happen that night automatically.  It will be deposited directly into you PayPal account.
You should receive payment notices directly from PayPal when this happens.


Does YouRocket report song sales for BillBoard rankings?
Yes.  Your sales are reported through SoundScan.  NOTE: Your sales are only reported if you have ISRC code numbers attached to each song you wish to have ranked by BillBoard.


Can I get ISRC codes for my songs on YouRocket?
Yes.  If you do not already have ISRC codes for your songs you can request them during the mp3 upload process. They are issued instantly and free of charge.  If you do not wish to rank your song sales with BillBoard you can ignore the ISRC section completely.


Can I post Cover songs?
Yes.  So long as the original rights owner has no objection.  You cannot sell Cover songs without contractual permission from the original rights owner.  Typically your Cover songs must be posted as FREE downloads.


Can I contact other users directly using the site?
Not yet.  We are currently working on that feature and hope to have it functional soon.  You can however leave a comment on that user’s profile page.  Also users can post links to their own personal websites.  You can do the same by posting your Facebook address or something similar.  This will give you a way to have other users contact you in a more personal manner.


I clicked on a ‘More Info’ type link but nothing happened.
Most of our ‘More Info’ links open small JavaScript pop-up windows to give you the additional information you want.  If you do not have Java enabled on your browser you may not see the pop-up windows at all.  You can do a quick web search on this problem to find how to enable Java on your particular browser.


Are my mp3s safe from illegal ‘streaming’ downloading on YouRocket?
Yes.  Your full length mp3 file is NEVER loaded into one of our preview players.  Our custom ‘cutter’ software creates a 45 second “preview” mp3 whenever you upload your song.  It is that small mp3 that the public hears.  They cannot stream record the full mp3 as it is never loaded into a player.


How is inappropriate material handled on YouRocket?
We prefer to let the world public help keep YouRocket clean of inappropriate material. 

Such material would include illegal, offensive or non-musical content posted for reasons inconsistent with the desires of all of the legitimate users of this website.

Each file that appears in any player can be marked as “inappropriate” by any logged in user.  Once 10 different users have marked an item as “inappropriate” the staff at YouRocket will receive a message to review the item in question. 

If the staff agrees with the 10 users the item will be removed and the user who posted the item may be subject to account cancellation and legal recourse. If the staff does not think that the item is actually inappropriate then it will be left on the site and set as “immune” from anyone else marking it inappropriate.


How do I get my music on the homepage?
All of the normal mp3 preview slots are generated randomly from all the mp3s in the database.  The homepage is completely different each time it is loaded on anyone’s computer.  This gives every band/artist an equal chance to be on the homepage every day.

However, offering a few of your songs as FREE downloads greatly increases your chances of being seen on the homepage as the top two previews draw only from songs posted as such.


How do I advertise my company or product on YouRocket?
If you would like to advertise on YouRocket simply write us a quick note to that effect through our CONTACT US form (you will need to be logged in).  Our staff will contact you with details, options and rates.