What is an ISRC Code?

It's a code that tracks your song sales for Billboard rankings
(among other things...)

Do I need an ISRC Code to post my song?

NO – But we won't be able to report your sales to SoundScan to keep your Billboard chart rankings accurate.. 

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code isrc indie music buy sell

An ISRC Code is a unique number/letter combination that is assigned to to an exact recording of any given song.
They are administered by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

ISRC codes are required if you want to sell on most popular music websites. They are also used to track your sales for your Billboard Chart Rankings.

Once a code is assigned to a song recording it is recognized worldwide as the unique code number for ONLY that recorded version of the song. - NOTE: If you have a remix or a live recording of the same song those different versions would require there OWN unique ISRC codes.

Are they FREE? - ALSO - can YouRocket issue one for each of my songs?

Yes. YouRocket has worked a deal with IFPI (the agency who controls ISRC Codes) so that we can issue ISRC codes for free and right away when you post your songs on our site. Normally you would have to snail mail or fax an application to IFPI for every single song and wait several days to recieve your code(s). Just check the box on the page for uploading your mp3 to the site. It will be automatically generated and you can find it after upload in your account settings under "My Music".

WARNING! This is important! Your song(s) might already have ISRC codes assigned to them without you knowing it. You MUST NOT issue a new ISRC code to a song that already has one.

Sometimes recording studios, mastering houses or even CD duplication companies issue ISRC codes for your original songs as part of their normal service contract. Make sure that you know if this is the case before you ask us to issue an ISRC Code for any of your songs.

IF YOU' RE NOT SURE whether or not your songs have codes already just skip the ISRC field - you can always add them later by logging in.